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Rwanda Farmers Coffee Company Ltd (RFCC) is a large-scale coffee roasting and packaging facility in Kigali, Rwanda; It produces 100% Arabica Bourbon roasted coffee, branded as “Gorilla’s Coffee,” from the highest quality green coffee beans. RFCC was incorporated in 2009, and its coffee roasting facility was commissioned and inaugurated in October 2014.

With its state-of-the-art roasting machinery expertly sourced from Italy, the facility can produce 9 tons of roasted coffee per day, making it the giant roasting plant in the region. The company is roasting, grinding, and packing specialty grade as defined by (SCAA).

The production plant is equipped with new Brambati roasting and Cyclone packing machines. The ability to produce high volumes of consistent quality makes RFCC an ideal supplier to hotel chains, retail groceries, airlines, and wholesalers for local, regional, and International Markets.

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