Blue Tansy Essential Oil

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Our blue tansy essential oil is steam distilled from Tanacetum annuum. This floral middle note has a striking blue hue obtained during distillation when the plant components react with heat; which can vary throughout the growing seasons. Blue tansy oil is popular in skin care and used in cosmetic formulations like creams, oils, or deodorants. It can also be diffused or blended into perfumery.

This oil is sometimes referred to as Moroccan tansy or Moroccan blue chamomile. It belongs to the broad botanical family Asteraceae along with chamomile, marigolds, and sunflowers. Not to be confused with blue chamomile (Matricaria recutita) or Moroccan chamomile (Ormenis mixta).

This oil has a complex dry, fruity, and floral aroma with honey-sweet undertones.

It contains sabinene, camphor, chamazulene, β-myrcene, and α-phellandrene.

Sabinene is found in other oils such as nutmeg, vitex, juniper berry, blue yarrow, and ravensara. Camphor is within sage, rosemary, and lavandin grosso. Chamazulene is responsible for the blue coloring and is also in blue chamomile and blue yarrow. β-Myrcene and α-phellandrene are both found within angelica root and pink peppercorn oils.

Blending and Uses
Blue tansy oil is often found in creams or serums for occasional blemishes and sensitive skin, and it supports a clear and healthy complexion. Combine rose, blue tansy, and helichrysum for a dynamite floral blend of skin nourishing oils in your favorite carrier. It can be added to shampoo or conditioner to support a healthy scalp.

Use with clary sage, lavender, and chamomile for an emotionally calming diffuser or aromatherapy blend that soothes the soul. For diffusing or in facial steams, combine with ravensara to support healthy breathing. Use with spearmint and juniper oils for an invigorating aroma, or blend with geranium and ylang ylang for a more floral touch.

Blue tansy can become overwhelming quickly when blending, so it is best to start with one drop and work slowly. It also adds color to finished products and will potentially stain skin, clothing, or workspaces.