Dr. Mist Deodorant

Dr. Mist Deodorant

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Ingredients: Deionized water (treated with floatation technology, sodium chloride, calcium, magnesium.
Does Dr Mist deodorant contain aluminum or alum?

No, Dr. Mist deodorant does not contain aluminum or alum. It has been suggested that there is an association between aluminum and Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer. Dr. Mist does not contain other questionable chemicals like triclosan, parabens, talc, propylene glycol, silica or steareth. Dr. Mist does contain high levels of sodium, calcium and magnesium. All are safe for the body. 

Is Dr. Mist deodorant an antiperspirant?

No, Dr. Mist deodorant is not an antiperspirant; it is simply a deodorant. Antiperspirants inhibit the activity of the sweat glands and close the skin's pores to produce less moisture. They therefore, also do not permit toxins to be released by the body.  Since Dr. Mist is not an antiperspirant, it helps rid the body of underarm and foot odor effectively.  It can also be used for helping to remove the toxins from mosquito and insect bites, open wounds, acne, eczema, sun burns and other skin irritations thereby speeding recovery. Dr. Mist kills surface bacteria which causes odors and allows the pores to breathe naturally.  It has been proven harmless to the skin and it is an augmented hygiene care floatation fluid spray.  

What is the difference between Dr. Mist and other natural deodorants?

Dr. Mist is aluminum free, alum free, paraben free,  alcohol free, stain free, fragrance free, oil free and color free. When applied there is no stickiness or irritation. Dr Mist has been used effectively to kill body odor for up to 3 days even when bathing was not possible. It is able to flush out darkening and pigmentation from the pores in the underarm region. This arises from germs and acidic sweat reaction, thereby effectively rejuvenating the skin to its natural state. Our products are far more effective than any "other" natural deodorants on the market today. Try it, we have a 100% money refunded satisfaction guarantee. 

What makes Dr. Mist so effective?

It is not just the ingredients alone that make Dr Mist work. It is the high levels of sodium, calcium, and magnesium, combined with germicide floatation technology that is critical to it's success. Dr. Mist is a breakthrough in physics based on the healing properties of the Dead Sea which was 8 years in the making and resulted in the Geneva Award for invention. The formula for Dr. Mist is a registered trade secret. For years doctors have studied the Dead Sea for its' healing properties. Dr Mist's floatation technology mimics these healing properties and basically flushes toxins from the body. Any body odor causing bacteria floats to the surface where they are then eradicated. After drying, the functional component will form an invisible layer, stored at the skin level and it won't disappear. The principle is that, Dr. Mist Fluid Spray contains a concentration of salt and mineral components 4% heavier than ordinary water.

Can I use Dr. Mist on other parts of my body?

Yes. Since Dr. Mist is all natural, it is safe for underarm use, as well as a foot application. It can be sprayed in underwear, socks, etc.  
 It can be used to reduce swelling, for mosquito and insect bites, rashes, open wounds, acne, eczema, sun burns, athlete's foot, and other skin irritations caused by toxins. 

Can I use Dr. Mist while I am pregnant?

Yes. Our products are safe to use while pregnant. 

What scents does Dr. Mist offer?

Fragrance Free, Lavender and Cool Mist (baby powder scent). 

Where do the scents come from?

They are a blend of natural essential oils that create the light refreshing scent.  

Which Dr. Mist product do people prefer?

It is personal preference, but if you are highly sensitive or allergic, we would recommend using the Dr Mist Fragrance-Free. It is highly recommended by naturopathic doctors, dermatologists and allergists. 

How long will a single application last?

Dr. Mist has been used effectively kill body odor for up to 3 days even when bathing was not possible. Most people have had great results with just one application each day. 

Will Dr. Mist cause stains on my clothes?

No, Dr. Mist is stain free. Stains can be caused by a range of factors, including antiperspirant ingredients, sweat, your diet and stress.

How do I apply Dr. Mist?

Simply towel dry after bathing; spray on the underarm area, spread evenly with hands. Dr. Mist may also be sprayed directly on clean feet and socks, open wounds, or applied with a pad to acne/pimples with visible results within 24 hours. It can also be used for mosquito and insect bites, sun burns, eczema, and other skin irritations caused by toxins.

Are your products tested on animals?

No, our products have never and will never be tested on animals.  

Does Dr. Mist have an expiration date?

Dr. Mist will last for up to three years or much longer. On the bottom of each bottle is a best before date. 

Are Dr. Mist bottles recyclable?

Yes, they are 100% recyclable.