Nunozoo Kiwi

Nunozoo Kiwi

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incere and wild.

Our works sincerely support your wild playfulness.
Celebrate individuality.
"If I were a doll, how would I want to be?"
At NunoZoo, we think that every human being is unique.  In that spirit, each NunoZoo creation is born as a one-of-a -kind handmade item.  We respect and play with oddity, mismatches, and disproportion, suggesting harmony in new and surprising ways.

We say "yes" to loving art, and "yes" to loving the Earth.
We use predominantly recycled materials; fabric scraps, used items, and dead stock- for our creations and shipping.  Small but mighty, our Nuno animals can be a creative solution to reduce fabric wasting of our current economy.
Our name NunoZoo comes from two words;
Nuno means fabric in Japanese, and zoo as a place full of diverse inspiring animals.

New Zealand's Kiwi bird is so fashionable, they enjoy fancy tights and arty shoes, and never go outside without putting the prettiest top hat on .