Skin Care Blend Essential Oil

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Our organic skin care essential oil blend is an elegant addition to your favorite cosmetic recipes, intentionally formulated by our certified aromatherapist. The initially sweet and floral aroma gives way to sultry resinous and earthy notes, with warmer undertones coming out in the drydown. This blend can help elevate your skin care routine with a subtle, pleasant aroma that is emotionally centering and uplifting.

The essential oils within this blend have multiple actions for supporting skin health and are all helpful to tone and revitalize skin’s appearance. Lavender can help to balance oily skin along with its well-known mentally calming properties, while frankincense is wonderful for dryness. Helichrysum is an amazing oil for all-around support and occasional blemishes, and carrot seed is a favorite for mature skin.

For a radiant and smooth complexion add to carrier oils such as jojoba, camellia, or argan and use daily. Blend into cleansers, serums, massage oils, and salves to use on the face and body for any skin type. Be sure to dilute at 2% or less in your blends, and do not apply directly.

Organic lavender essential oil, organic frankincense essential oil, organic helichrysum essential oil, and organic carrot seed essential oil.