SmartKlean® Laundry Ball

SmartKlean® Laundry Ball

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SmartKlean® Laundry Ball is a non-toxic, mineral-based alternative to conventional laundry products. Say goodbye to laundry detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets – for good!

Active Components
Using natural Earth minerals, magnets and a gentle agitation with weight, it provides a 100% natural and effective wash. When the laundry ball and its interior components come in contact with the water, it forms oxygenated water with an increased pH level, to help remove dirt, odors and bacteria in fabrics.

Reusable for 365 Loads
Efficiently washes 365 loads without the use of any soap or detergent. Maximum potency lasts an average of 1-3 years, depending on how often you wash your laundry. If you wash once a day everyday, the laundry ball's lifespan is 1 year.

Compatible with All Washers
SmartKlean is compatible with top loaders, front loaders, and HE (high-effieciency) washing machines. It is also septic tank friendly.

100% Free of Toxins
SmartKlean’s active ingredients are 100% free of toxins

Made in USA