Support Essential Oil Blend

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Thoughtfully crafted by our certified aromatherapist, our support essential oil blend is best for cleansing stagnant spaces and supporting a clean environment. This blend has a refreshingly sweet, herbal citrus aroma with an initial camphoraceous top note giving way to soft resinous bases. Use in homemade household cleaning recipes or refreshing room sprays to stir up stagnant air.

This blend features our quality, organic tea tree, frankincense, and lemon essential oils. Use this oil blend in body sprays for trips outdoors when you want to freshen up, or into your favorite skin salve or balm recipe. Be sure that if you are using an essential oil blend on your skin, dilute it in carrier oil or your cosmetic recipe to a 1-2% concentration to reduce the risk of irritation.

It is important to periodically cleanse our living space for many reasons such as our health, but we want to be sure and not ignore the states of mind that can drag us down as well. Emotional wellness is reflected physically in our bodies and this blend is ideal for initiating a tranquil, grounded, and refreshed state of mind.

Organic lemon essential oil, organic tea tree essential oil, organic frankincense essential oil, manuka essential oil, organic oregano essential oil, and organic rosemary essential oil.