Nomad Botanicals Tension Meltaway

Nomad Botanicals Tension Meltaway

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Tension Meltaway
with Amethyst Sphere 

Relief with the wave of an amethyst wand.

Tension and stress melt away as your senses are delighted by this rejuvenating blend of essential oils. Nestled in a bottle crowned with an amethyst sphere. With each swirl of the amethyst over the temples and back of neck, refreshment will be yours.

Roll the amethyst sphere on temples and back of neck.
Apply with pressure to activate pressure points. 

Create the Ritual:
Set intentions for peace and wellbeing. Allow the aromas to open your lungs and your heart as each breath brings you closer to the calm that belongs to you.

Jojoba Oil; Essential Oils of Lavender, Sweet Orange, Peppermint, Blue Tansy.